Jezeří is one of the biggest chateaux in this country: it has 244 rooms over a total of nine storeys.

The entire north-east wing of the Jezeří Castle was designed for taking meals – two basements with an icehouse, kitchen, three dining rooms on individual floors connected by a dining lift.

The extensive piano nobile has a unique polygonal entrance hall with a bifurcated staircase and theatre cum gallery.

Jezeří Castle is associated with many prominent cultural and historical figures who visited here, for example

  • George of Poděbrady
  • Ch. W. Gluck
  • L. van Beethoven
  • G. Casanova
  • J. W. von Goethe
  • Austrian Empress Marie Louise
  • Prussian Prince Louis Ferdinand
  • the poet K. H. Mácha
  • Karel Němec (son of the writer Božena Němcová)
  • Jan Masaryk
  • Pierre de Gaulle
  • Prince Charles
  • Queen Beatrix of the Nethelands

... and many others.